Romans 12 Quiz

Comprehensive Romans 12 Quiz with Answers: How Well Do You Know the Book of Romans?

This Romans 12 quiz features 25 thought-provoking questions carefully crafted to cover all the verses in the chapter.

Each question is followed by five possible answers, giving you ample opportunity to challenge your knowledge and understanding of Romans chapter 12.

Keep in mind, this Bible quiz on Romans chapter 12 is meant to be tricky, so ensure you cross-reference with Romans 12 in the KJV Bible to validate your answers at the end of the entire questions.

All right, let’s dive into the deep waters of Romans 12!

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Romans 12 Quiz Questions

Here is a 25-question quiz based on Romans Chapter 12 from the KJV.

Romans 12 Questions

Question 1: What does Paul beseech the brethren to present their bodies as, according to Romans 12:1?

  • A) A living sacrifice
  • B) A holy vessel
  • C) An instrument of righteousness
  • D) A temple of the Holy Spirit
  • E) A beacon of hope

Question 2: Fill in the blank: “And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your __, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.” (Romans 12:2)

  • A) Heart
  • B) Spirit
  • C) Mind
  • D) Soul
  • E) Body

Question 3: According to Romans 12:3, through what grace did Paul speak to every man among the Romans?

  • A) The grace of leadership
  • B) The grace given unto him
  • C) The grace of faith
  • D) The grace of apostleship
  • E) The grace of knowledge

Question 4: In Romans 12:4, what analogy does Paul use to describe how we are many members in one body?

  • A) A building with many stones
  • B) A tree with many branches
  • C) A family with many members
  • D) A body with many parts
  • E) A flock with many sheep

Question 5: What does Paul say about the members having the same office in Romans 12:4?

  • A) They have different gifts
  • B) They have the same function
  • C) They work together
  • D) They do not have the same function
  • E) They complement each other

Question 6: According to Romans 12:5, what are believers one in?

  • A) One spirit
  • B) One hope
  • C) One Lord
  • D) One body in Christ
  • E) One faith

Question 7: What does Paul say about the differing gifts according to the grace given to us in Romans 12:6?

  • A) They are for personal edification
  • B) They should be used to serve others
  • C) They are the same in every person
  • D) They are to be used sparingly
  • E) They are a reward for faithfulness

Question 8: In Romans 12:7, what does Paul instruct those who have the gift of ministry to do?

  • A) Minister
  • B) Teach
  • C) Give generously
  • D) Rule with diligence
  • E) Show mercy with cheerfulness

Question 9: What should he that teacheth do, according to Romans 12:7?

  • A) Teach in faith
  • B) Teach in simplicity
  • C) Teach in wisdom
  • D) Wait on his teaching
  • E) Teach with authority

Question 10: How should he that giveth do it, as mentioned in Romans 12:8?

  • A) With simplicity
  • B) With caution
  • C) With cheerfulness
  • D) Sparingly
  • E) Generously

Question 11: What should he that ruleth do with diligence, as stated in Romans 12:8?

  • A) Lead
  • B) Teach
  • C) Govern
  • D) Protect
  • E) Serve

Question 12: How should he that showeth mercy do it, according to Romans 12:8?

  • A) With cheerfulness
  • B) With caution
  • C) Generously
  • D) Sparingly
  • E) Humbly

Question 13: What is love to be without, as stated in Romans 12:9?

  • A) Hypocrisy
  • B) Doubt
  • C) Fear
  • D) Limit
  • E) Partiality

Question 14: What are we to abhor, according to Romans 12:9?

  • A) Evil
  • B) The world
  • C) False teachings
  • D) Discord
  • E) Unbelief

Question 15: What are we to cleave to, as mentioned in Romans 12:9?

  • A) That which is good
  • B) The law
  • C) Faith
  • D) The teachings of Christ
  • E) The church

Question 16: According to Romans 12:10, how are we to be kindly affectioned one to another?

  • A) With brotherly love
  • B) In honor
  • C) Preferring one another
  • D) In humility
  • E) In unity

Question 17: In Romans 12:11, what are we not to be slothful in?

  • A) Business
  • B) Prayer
  • C) Love
  • D) Giving
  • E) Service

Question 18: What does Paul say about serving the Lord in Romans 12:11?

  • A) Serve with fear
  • B) Serve with diligence
  • C) Serve with joy
  • D) Serve with faithfulness
  • E) Serve fervently in spirit

Question 19: According to Romans 12:12, what are we to be patient in?

  • A) Tribulation
  • B) Work
  • C) Prayer
  • D) Love
  • E) Faith

Question 20: What are we to distribute to the necessity of saints and be given to, as stated in Romans 12:13?

  • A) Hospitality
  • B) Alms
  • C) Gifts
  • D) Love
  • E) Encouragement

Question 21: What does Paul instruct to do regarding those who persecute you in Romans 12:14?

  • A) Avoid them
  • B) Judge them
  • C) Bless them
  • D) Pray for them
  • E) Forgive them

Question 22: How should we react to others’ emotions, as mentioned in Romans 12:15?

  • A) Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep
  • B) Comfort those who mourn
  • C) Be indifferent
  • D) Guide them to faith
  • E) Offer counsel

Question 23: What are we to do in regards to being of the same mind one toward another, according to Romans 12:16?

  • A) Mind not high things
  • B) Condescend to men of low estate
  • C) Be wise in your own conceits
  • D) Seek wisdom
  • E) A and B

Question 24: What should we not do in response to evil, as stated in Romans 12:17?

  • A) Fear
  • B) Hate
  • C) Retaliate
  • D) Provide things honest in the sight of all men
  • E) Lose faith

Question 25: What does Paul say about living peaceably with all men in Romans 12:18?

  • A) It is always possible
  • B) It should be sought after
  • C) It depends on others
  • D) If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men
  • E) It is a sign of weakness

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Answers to Romans 12 Quiz Questions

Here are the answers with explanations based on Romans Chapter 12 from the KJV:

Answers to Romans 12 Questions

Answer to Question 1: A) A living sacrifice
Explanation: In Romans 12:1, Paul urges the brethren to present their bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God, as their spiritual act of worship. This metaphor highlights the importance of dedicating one’s life wholly to God’s service.

Answer to Question 2: C) Mind
Explanation: Romans 12:2 advises not to conform to the patterns of this world but to be transformed by the renewing of the mind. This transformation is essential to discern and follow God’s will.

Answer to Question 3: B) The grace given unto him
Explanation: In Romans 12:3, Paul speaks to every man among the Romans through the grace given unto him. This indicates that Paul’s counsel and admonitions are based on the grace and authority bestowed upon him by God.

Answer to Question 4: D) A body with many parts
Explanation: Romans 12:4 uses the analogy of a body with many parts to describe the Christian community. Just as a body has many members with different functions, so does the body of Christ, the Church, composed of diverse individuals with various roles.

Answer to Question 5: D) They do not have the same function
Explanation: In Romans 12:4, Paul asserts that though we have many members in one body, all these members do not have the same function. This emphasizes the diversity of gifts and roles within the Christian community.

Answer to Question 6: D) One body in Christ
Explanation: Romans 12:5 states that believers, though many, are one body in Christ. This signifies the unity and interconnectedness of Christians as part of the larger body of Christ, despite individual differences.

Answer to Question 7: B) They should be used to serve others
Explanation: According to Romans 12:6, believers have differing gifts according to the grace given to each of us. Paul encourages using these diverse gifts in their respective capacities to serve the body of Christ.

Answer to Question 8: A) Minister
Explanation: Romans 12:7 instructs those with the gift of ministry to use that gift to minister. This guidance is part of a broader exhortation to use spiritual gifts actively and effectively within the Christian community.

Answer to Question 9: D) Wait on his teaching
Explanation: In Romans 12:7, Paul advises those who teach to focus on their teaching. “Wait on” in this context means to give constant attention and dedication to the task of teaching.

Answer to Question 10: C) With cheerfulness
Explanation: Romans 12:8 encourages those who give to do so with cheerfulness. This attitude reflects a generous and joyful spirit in sharing resources with others.

Answer to Question 11: A) Lead
Explanation: In Romans 12:8, those who have the gift of leadership are encouraged to lead with diligence. This emphasizes the need for leaders to be dedicated, responsible, and proactive in their roles.

Answer to Question 12: A) With cheerfulness
Explanation: Romans 12:8 advises those who show mercy to do so with cheerfulness. This recommendation highlights the importance of a joyful and gracious attitude when extending mercy and compassion to others.

Answer to Question 13: A) Hypocrisy
Explanation: In Romans 12:9, Paul asserts that love must be sincere and without hypocrisy. True Christian love should be genuine, honest, and from the heart.

Answer to Question 14: A) Evil
Explanation: Romans 12:9 commands believers to abhor what is evil. This strong language emphasizes the need for Christians to reject and distance themselves from evil in all its forms.

Answer to Question 15: A) That which is good
Explanation: Romans 12:9 exhorts believers to cling to what is good. This instruction is about embracing and upholding moral goodness and godly values.

Answer to Question 16: A) With brotherly love
Explanation: According to Romans 12:10, Christians are to be devoted to one another with brotherly love. This affectionate care for each other reflects the familial bond among believers.

Answer to Question 17: A) Business
Explanation: In Romans 12:11, Paul advises not to be slothful in business. This encourages active and diligent engagement in one’s responsibilities and duties.

Answer to Question 18: E) Serve fervently in spirit
Explanation: Romans 12:11 encourages serving the Lord fervently in spirit. This denotes an enthusiastic, passionate, and wholehearted service to God.

Answer to Question 19: A) Tribulation
Explanation: Romans 12:12 instructs believers to be patient in tribulation. Patience during difficult times is an essential virtue for Christians, demonstrating trust and endurance in God’s providence.

Answer to Question 20: A) Hospitality
Explanation: Romans 12:13 encourages distributing to the needs of the saints and practicing hospitality. This guidance highlights the importance of

generosity and welcoming others, especially fellow believers.

Answer to Question 21: C) Bless them
Explanation: In Romans 12:14, Paul instructs to bless those who persecute you, a principle echoing Jesus’ teachings about loving enemies and responding to hostility with kindness.

Answer to Question 22: A) Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep
Explanation: Romans 12:15 calls for empathy and shared emotions: to rejoice with those who are happy and weep with those who are sorrowful. This reflects the depth of community and shared life among believers.

Answer to Question 23: E) A and B
Explanation: Romans 12:16 advises not to be proud but to associate with the humble, and not to think of oneself more highly than one should. This promotes humility, empathy, and unity among Christians.

Answer to Question 24: C) Retaliate
Explanation: Romans 12:17 instructs not to repay evil for evil. Christians are called to respond to wrongdoing with good and to maintain integrity in all circumstances.

Answer to Question 25: D) If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men
Explanation: Romans 12:18 encourages believers to live at peace with everyone, as far as it depends on them. This implies a commitment to peace and harmony, acknowledging that it may not always be fully achievable.

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