Mark 10 Quiz

Comprehensive Mark 10 Quiz with Answers: Test Your Knowledge!

This Mark 10 quiz features 30 thought-provoking questions carefully crafted to cover all the verses in the chapter.

Each question is followed by five possible answers, giving you ample opportunity to challenge your knowledge and understanding of this Mark chapter 10.

Keep in mind, this Bible quiz on Mark chapter 10 is meant to be tricky, so ensure you cross-reference with Mark 10 in the KJV Bible to validate your answers at the end of the entire questions.

All right, let’s dive into the deep waters of Mark 10!

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Mark 10 Quiz Questions

Question 1:

In Mark 10:1, where did Jesus go after departing from Galilee?
a) Samaria
b) Bethlehem
c) Judea
d) Nazareth
e) Jerusalem

Question 2:

Which of these actions did Jesus NOT do in Mark 10:16?
a) He took them up in his arms
b) Laid his hands upon them
c) Blessed them
d) Gave them bread
e) Prayed for them

Question 3:

“For even the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to _ and to give his life a ransom for many.”
a) seek and save the lost
b) minister
c) establish His kingdom
d) teach
e) rebuke

Question 4:

What did the Pharisees come to Jesus to do in Mark 10:2?
a) Praise Him
b) Learn from Him
c) Tempt Him
d) Invite Him to the synagogue
e) Ask for His blessing

Question 5:

Fill in the blank: “But from the beginning of the creation, God made them _ and _.”
a) Righteous and Pure
b) Male and Female
c) Good and Evil
d) Young and Old
e) First and Last

Question 6:

True or False: In Mark 10:11, Jesus says that if a man puts away his wife and marries another, he commits adultery.
a) True
b) False

Question 7:

Which of these is NOT a reason children were brought to Jesus in Mark 10:13?
a) So He could bless them
b) So He could heal them
c) That He should touch them
d) For Him to teach them
e) None of the above

Question 8:

Who did Jesus say the kingdom of God belongs to in Mark 10:14?
a) The wise and learned
b) Little children
c) The Pharisees
d) Those who obey the law perfectly
e) The rich and prosperous

Question 9:

According to Mark 10:25, it’s easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for who to enter the kingdom of God?
a) A wise man
b) A rich man
c) A tall man
d) A sinful man
e) A poor man

Question 10:

In Mark 10:28, who began to say unto Jesus, “Lo, we have left all, and have followed thee?”
a) James
b) Matthew
c) Peter
d) Judas
e) Nathaniel

Question 11:

For whom did Jesus say houses, and brethren, and sisters, and mothers, and children, and lands, would be received with persecutions?
a) Those who give to the temple
b) Those who pray daily
c) Those who forsake them for His sake and the gospel’s
d) Those who attend the synagogue
e) Those who follow the Pharisees

Question 12:

Which two sons of Zebedee approached Jesus with a request in Mark 10?
a) James and John
b) Matthew and Luke
c) Peter and Andrew
d) Simon and Jude
e) Philip and Bartholomew

Question 13:

What did James and John request of Jesus?
a) To sit on His left and right hand in His glory
b) To walk on water
c) To become the greatest among the disciples
d) To be saved from the upcoming persecution
e) To receive the power to heal

Question 14:

Which of the following is NOT a cup that Jesus mentioned in Mark 10:38-39?
a) Cup of salvation
b) Cup of bitterness
c) Cup of sorrow
d) Cup of baptism
e) All are mentioned

Question 15:

When Jesus spoke of giving his life as a ransom for many, what did he compare himself to in Mark 10:45?
a) A lamb
b) A good shepherd
c) A servant
d) A king
e) A priest

Question 16:

Who was the blind beggar that Jesus healed in Mark 10?
a) Lazarus
b) Nicodemus
c) Bartimaeus
d) Zacchaeus
e) Matthias

Question 17:

Question 6: When Peter began to say about how they have left all and followed Jesus, what was NOT promised as a response?
a) Hundredfold now in this time.
b) Persecutions.
c) Eternal riches.
d) Houses and brethren.
e) Lands with persecutions.

Question 18:

What did the blind beggar call Jesus?
a) Master
b) Prophet
c) Son of David
d) Good teacher
e) Messiah

Question 19:

What did the people command Bartimaeus to do when he began to cry out to Jesus?
a) To approach Jesus
b) To be silent
c) To explain his ailment
d) To sing praises
e) To offer a sacrifice

Question 20:

After Bartimaeus received his sight, what did he do?
a) He went home
b) He began to prophesy
c) He followed Jesus
d) He went to the temple
e) He began to teach

Question 21:

In Mark 10:17, how did the one who came running unto Jesus address Him?
a) Rabbi
b) Good Master
c) Son of David
d) Prophet of Nazareth
e) Son of God

Question 22:

Which commandment is NOT mentioned by Jesus in Mark 10:19?
a) Do not commit adultery
b) Do not kill
c) Remember the sabbath day
d) Do not bear false witness
e) Honor thy father and mother

Question 23:

Which of the following statements did Jesus NOT make in Mark 10 regarding the Kingdom of God?
a) Only the poor shall inherit the Kingdom of God
b) With man it is impossible, but not with God
c) Suffer the little children to come unto me
d) How hard it is for them that trust in riches to enter the kingdom of God
e) All things are possible with God

Question 24:

Which disciple exclaimed, “Who then can be saved?” upon hearing Jesus’s remarks about riches and the kingdom of God?
a) Philip
b) Matthew
c) Peter
d) Thomas
e) None of them

Question 25:

What will those who have left everything for Jesus receive a hundredfold now in this time, with the addition of what?
a) Silver and gold
b) Lands and properties
c) Blessings and praise
d) Persecutions
e) Visions and dreams

Question 26:

Which of these is NOT an option Jesus gives about divorce in Mark 10?
a) If a man divorces his wife and marries another, he commits adultery
b) If a woman divorces her husband and marries another, she commits adultery
c) If a man divorces his wife, she can marry another without committing adultery
d) It is not good to divorce
e) What God has joined together, let not man put asunder

Question 27:

Select all that apply: Which of the following does Jesus list as things one must leave to receive a hundredfold in Mark 10:29-30?
a) Houses
b) Brethren
c) Fasting
d) Lands
e) Feasts

Question 28:

Jesus mentions that many that are first shall be last, and the last first. In which verse of Mark 10 can this be found?
a) Mark 10:10
b) Mark 10:20
c) Mark 10:31
d) Mark 10:45
e) Mark 10:50

Question 29:

Which of the following is NOT a title or description used for Jesus in Mark 10?
a) Son of man
b) Good Master
c) Son of David
d) King of Israel
e) Rabbi

Question 30:

Which two disciples were indignant about James and John’s request to Jesus?
a) Peter and Andrew
b) Matthew and Thomas
c) Philip and Bartholomew
d) The ten
e) Judas and Simon

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Answers to Mark 10 Quiz Questions

Question 1:
Answer: c) Judea by the farther side of Jordan
Explanation: Mark 10:1 says Jesus went to Judea and beyond the Jordan.

Question 2:
Answer: d) Gave them bread
Explanation: Mark 10:16 says Jesus took the children in His arms, placed His hands on them, and blessed them.

Question 3:
Answer: b) minister
Explanation: Mark 10:45 says the Son of man came to serve (minister) and give His life as a ransom.

Question 4:
Answer: c) Tempt Him
Explanation: The Pharisees were trying to test or tempt Jesus with questions about divorce.

Question 5:
Answer: b) Male and Female
Explanation: Jesus refers to the creation account from Genesis in Mark 10:6.

Question 6:
Answer: a) True
Explanation: Mark 10:11 states this explicitly.

Question 7:
Answer: b) So He could heal them
Explanation: Mark 10:13 makes no mention of healing children.

Question 8:
Answer: b) Little children
Explanation: Jesus indicates the kingdom of God belongs to those who have childlike faith.

Question 9:
Answer: b) A rich man
Explanation: This was mentioned in the context of the rich young ruler’s interaction with Jesus.

Question 10:
Answer: c) Peter
Explanation: Peter was often the spokesperson for the disciples.

Question 11:
Answer: c) Those who forsake them for His sake and the gospel’s
Explanation: Mark 10:29-30 speaks to this.

Question 12:
Answer: a) James and John
Explanation: They were the sons of Zebedee and made a special request of Jesus.

Question 13:
Answer: a) To sit on His left and right hand in His glory
Explanation: They sought positions of honor in Jesus’ kingdom.

Question 14:
Answer: b) Cup of bitterness
Explanation: The passage mentions the cup Jesus drank and baptism, not a “cup of bitterness.”

Question 15:
Answer: c) A servant
Explanation: Jesus positioned Himself as a servant who gives His life as a ransom.

Question 16:
Answer: c) Bartimaeus
Explanation: He was the blind beggar in Jericho.

Question 17:
Answer: c) Eternal riches.
Explanation: Mark 10:29-30 doesn’t mention “eternal riches” in the list.

Question 18:
Answer: c) Son of David
Explanation: Bartimaeus recognized Jesus as the “Son of David,” a messianic title.

Question 19:
Answer: b) To be silent
Explanation: Many rebuked him, telling him to be quiet.

Question 20:
Answer: c) He followed Jesus
Explanation: After receiving his sight, Bartimaeus followed Jesus on the road.

Question 21:
Answer: b) Good Master
Explanation: The rich young ruler addressed Him this way, which led to a discussion about what is “good.”

Question 22:
Answer: c) Remember the sabbath day
Explanation: This commandment wasn’t mentioned in the list Jesus gave.

Question 23:
Answer: a) Only the poor shall inherit the Kingdom of God
Explanation: This isn’t a statement made by Jesus in Mark 10.

Question 24:
Answer: c) Peter
Explanation: After Jesus spoke about the difficulty for a rich person to enter the kingdom, Peter asked this.

Question 25:
Answer: d) Persecutions
Explanation: This is mentioned in Mark 10:30.

Question 26:
Answer: c) If a man divorces his wife, she can marry another without committing adultery
Explanation: Mark 10 doesn’t state this option explicitly.

Question 27:
Answer: a) Houses, b) Brethren, and d) Lands
Explanation: These are directly mentioned in the passage.

Question 28:
Answer: c) Mark 10:31
Explanation: Jesus makes this statement in Mark 10:31.

Question 29:
Answer: d) King of Israel
Explanation: This title isn’t used for Jesus in Mark 10.

Question 30:
Answer: d) The ten
Explanation: The other ten disciples were indignant about James and John’s request.

Remember, for a deeper understanding, it’s always beneficial to read the text directly and in context.

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