Luke 19 Quiz

Comprehensive Luke 19 Quiz with Answers: How Well Do You Know the Gospel of Luke?

This Luke 19 quiz features 30 thought-provoking questions carefully crafted to cover all the verses in the chapter.

Each question is followed by five possible answers, giving you ample opportunity to challenge your knowledge and understanding of this Luke chapter 19.

Keep in mind, this Bible quiz on Luke chapter 19 is meant to be tricky, so ensure you cross-reference with Luke 19 in the KJV Bible to validate your answers at the end of the entire questions.

All right, let’s dive into the deep waters of Luke 19!

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Luke 19 Quiz Questions

Here is a 30-question quiz based on Luke Chapter 19 from the KJV.

Luke 19 Questions

Question 1: Who was Zacchaeus’ profession?

a. Tax Collector
b. Fisherman
c. Priest
d. Shepherd
e. Carpenter

Question 2: Zacchaeus climbed up into a sycamore tree to see Jesus because he was:

a. Scared
b. Excited
c. Of short stature
d. Trying to hide
e. Not interested

Question 3: What did Jesus tell Zacchaeus to do when he reached the spot where Zacchaeus was?

a. Stand up
b. Come down
c. Stay there
d. Climb higher
e. Go home

Question 4: Why did Jesus tell Zacchaeus that he must stay at his house?

a. Because he was hungry
b. For Zacchaeus’ safety
c. Because Jesus liked Zacchaeus
d. Today, salvation has come to his house
e. Because it was getting late

Question 5: How did the crowd react when Jesus decided to stay at Zacchaeus’ house?

a. They were joyful
b. They were indifferent
c. They murmured
d. They were confused
e. They were supportive

Question 6: What did Zacchaeus promise to give to the poor?

a. Half of his goods
b. All of his goods
c. A quarter of his goods
d. Nothing
e. Two-thirds of his goods

Question 7: What did Zacchaeus promise to do if he had taken anything from any man by false accusation?

a. Ask for forgiveness
b. Give back fourfold
c. Give back twofold
d. Pray for mercy
e. Leave the city

Question 8: Why did Jesus come according to His own words in this chapter?

a. To heal
b. To teach
c. To seek and to save that which was lost
d. To condemn
e. To perform miracles

Question 9: In the parable of the pounds, how many servants were given money?

a. Five
b. Seven
c. Ten
d. Twelve
e. Three

Question 10: How much money was each servant given in the parable?

a. One pound
b. Five pounds
c. Ten pounds
d. Twenty pounds
e. Fifty pounds

Question 11: What did the nobleman go into a far country to receive?

a. Money
b. Education
c. A kingdom
d. Goods
e. Troops

Question 12: What did the citizens send after the nobleman?

a. Gifts
b. A letter
c. A messenger
d. An ambassador
e. A message

Question 13: What did the first servant gain with the pound he was given?

a. Five pounds
b. Ten pounds
c. Twenty pounds
d. Fifty pounds
e. One hundred pounds

Question 14: What did the second servant gain with his pound?

a. Five pounds
b. Ten pounds
c. Fifty pounds
d. One hundred pounds
e. He lost it

Question 15: What was the reward of the servant who gained ten pounds?

a. He was made ruler over five cities
b. He was made ruler over ten cities
c. He received ten more pounds
d. He received a crown
e. He was praised

Question 16: What happened to the servant who hid his pound?

a. He was rewarded
b. His pound was taken away
c. He was made a ruler
d. He was praised
e. He was given another chance

Question 17: What did Jesus ride on into Jerusalem?

a. A horse
b. A donkey
c. A camel
d. A colt
e. A chariot

Question 18: What did the people spread in the way when Jesus rode into Jerusalem?

a. Their garments
b. Flowers
c. Palm branches
d. Money
e. Jewels

Question 19: What did the people shout as Jesus entered Jerusalem?

a. Hosanna
b. Alleluia
c. Blessed is the King that cometh in the name of the Lord
d. Welcome, Jesus
e. We believe

Question 20: What did the Pharisees ask Jesus to do about the people’s shouting?

a. Encourage them
b. Join them
c. Rebuke them
d. Ignore them
e. Leave the city

Question 21: What did Jesus say would cry out if the people held their peace?

a. The angels
b. The children
c. The elders
d. The stones
e. The animals

Question 22: When Jesus saw the city of Jerusalem, what did he do?

a. He rejoiced
b. He was indifferent
c. He wept over it
d. He prayed
e. He turned back

Question 23: What did Jesus say would be laid against Jerusalem and its people?

a. Blessings
b. Curses
c. Siege
d. Prosperity
e. Peace

Question 24: When Jesus entered the temple, what did he start to do?

a. Preach to those who sold and bought in it
b. Heal all that was sick
c. Cast out those who sold and bought in it
d. Pray to the father
e. Sing

Question 25: Who were the chief priests, scribes, and the chief of the people seeking to do after Jesus cleansed the temple?

a. Praise Him
b. Follow Him
c. Learn from Him
d. Destroy Him
e. Crown Him

Question 26: What did Jesus say is the temple’s purpose?

a. A house of merchandise
b. A house of prayer
c. A house of healing
d. A royal palace
e. A tourist attraction

Question 27: Who were astonished at Jesus’ teaching?

a. The Pharisees
b. The children
c. The disciples
d. All the people
e. The rulers

Question 28: What did the chief priests and scribes try to lay hands on Jesus?

a. In the evening
b. In the morning
c. At noon
d. During the festival
e. When he was alone

Question 29: Why couldn’t they lay hands on Jesus?

a. Because of the people
b. Because of the angels
c. Because he disappeared
d. Because of his disciples
e. Because he defended himself

Question 30: What did the people do when they heard Jesus teach in the temple?

a. They ignored Him
b. They left
c. They were very attentive
d. They criticized Him
e. They fell asleep


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Answers to Luke 19 Quiz Questions

Here are the answers with explanations based on Luke Chapter 19 from the KJV:

Answers to Luke 19 Questions

Question 1:

Answer: a. Tax Collector
Explanation: Zacchaeus was a chief tax collector at Jericho.
Verse: Luke 19:2

Question 2:

Answer: c. Of short stature
Explanation: Zacchaeus was of short stature and couldn’t see Jesus because of the crowd.
Verse: Luke 19:3

Question 3:

Answer: b. Come down
Explanation: Jesus asked Zacchaeus to come down quickly.
Verse: Luke 19:5

Question 4:

Answer: d. Today, salvation has come to his house
Explanation: Jesus said salvation has come to Zacchaeus’ house since he too is a son of Abraham.
Verse: Luke 19:9

Question 5:

Answer: c. They murmured
Explanation: People murmured, saying that Jesus had gone to be a guest with a man that is a sinner.
Verse: Luke 19:7

Question 6:

Answer: a. Half of his goods
Explanation: Zacchaeus pledged to give half of his goods to the poor.
Verse: Luke 19:8

Question 7:

Answer: b. Give back fourfold
Explanation: Zacchaeus promised to restore fourfold if he had taken anything from anyone by false accusation.
Verse: Luke 19:8

Question 8:

Answer: c. To seek and to save that which was lost
Explanation: Jesus stated his mission was to seek and save the lost.
Verse: Luke 19:10

Question 9:

Answer: c. Ten
Explanation: In the parable, the nobleman called ten of his servants.
Verse: Luke 19:13

Question 10:

Answer: a. One pound
Explanation: Each servant was given one pound to invest.
Verse: Luke 19:13

Question 11:

Answer: c. A kingdom
Explanation: The nobleman went to receive a kingdom.
Verse: Luke 19:12

Question 12:

Answer: e. A message
Explanation: The citizens sent a message after him, saying, “We will not have this man to reign over us.”
Verse: Luke 19:14

Question 13:

Answer: b. Ten pounds
Explanation: The first servant gained ten pounds with the pound he was given.
Verse: Luke 19:16

Question 14:

Answer: a. Five pounds
Explanation: The second servant had gained five pounds.
Verse: Luke 19:18

Question 15:

Answer: b. He was made ruler over ten cities
Explanation: The servant who gained ten pounds was rewarded rulership over ten cities.
Verse: Luke 19:17

Question 16:

Answer: b. His pound was taken away
Explanation: The servant who kept his pound wrapped in a napkin had it taken away.
Verse: Luke 19:24

Question 17:

Answer: d. A colt
Explanation: Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a colt.
Verse: Luke 19:30-35

Question 18:

Answer: a. Their garments
Explanation: The people spread their clothes in the way.
Verse: Luke 19:36

Question 19:

Answer: c. Blessed is the King that cometh in the name of the Lord
Explanation: The people praised God with loud voices saying, “Blessed be the King that cometh in the name of the Lord.”
Verse: Luke 19:38

Question 20:

Answer: c. Rebuke them
Explanation: The Pharisees asked Jesus to rebuke his disciples for their praises.
Verse: Luke 19:39

Question 21:

Answer: d. The stones
Explanation: Jesus responded that if the people kept quiet, the stones would cry out.
Verse: Luke 19:40

Question 22:

Answer: c. He wept over it
Explanation: Jesus looked over Jerusalem and wept for it.
Verse: Luke 19:41

Question 23:

Answer: c. Siege
Explanation: Jesus prophesied that Jerusalem’s enemies would build a siege against it.
Verse: Luke 19:43

Question 24:

Answer: c. Cast out those who sold and bought in it
Explanation: Jesus entered the temple and began to cast out those who sold and bought.
Verse: Luke 19:45

Question 25:

Answer: d. Destroy Him
Explanation: The chief priests, scribes, and the leaders of the people sought to destroy Jesus.
Verse: Luke 19:47

Question 26:

Answer: b. A house of prayer
Explanation: Jesus said, “My house is a house of prayer.”
Verse: Luke 19:46

Question 27:

Answer: d. All the people
Explanation: All the people were astonished at his teaching.
Verse: Luke 19:48

Question 28:

Answer: a. In the evening
Explanation: The chief priests and scribes sought to lay hands on him in the evening.
Verse: Luke 19:47

Question 29:

Answer: a. Because of the people
Explanation: They feared the people and could not lay hands on Jesus.
Verse: Luke 19:48

Question 30:

Answer: c. They were very attentive
Explanation: The people were very attentive to hear Jesus.
Verse: Luke 19:48

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